Today’s schools and colleges are virtual instant knowledge centers given the explosion of topics and instant knowledge inculcation coupled with an atmosphere of dead heat competitions. More and more educational institutions are realizing the need for good seating postures for their students so that their students can practice their core competency – that is uninterrupted studying and knowledge absorption. Our chairs are particularly designed to enable students to do just this while offering students ample space on their arm rests for write notes at the time of lectures of distant learning sessions. Work stations are also used in libraries by students to research their assignments using the concept off group formations so that students can freely discuss with each other their discoveries and interpretations. Our open work stations have enabled students to perform their jobs with astounding results.

Banking & Finanacial Services

Our various categories of executive chairs with their specific ergonomic characteristics enable the executive staff of banks and other corporate institutions to work efficiently and for, if necessary, for long continuous hours especially at time of audits and other time-demanding circumstances. Besides our executive chairs, our interiors, work stations and partitions add a new futuristic dimension that have stimulated many an executive to enjoy the architectural ambience of his or her office thereby bringing out the best in him and her.

Building & Construction

Constructions of buildings, factories, airports, etc. require onsite executive offices, toilets, washrooms, communication centers among a hoist of other enclosures and cubicles. Since time is always a premium in constructions, our modular offices, modular furniture, modular work stations, as well as the assurance of easy relocations of executive offices, toilets, bathrooms etc. to various other sites on the construction complex, can easily be dismantled and reassembled at a moment’s notice. Hence, the multi-operational facilities of our modular products enable it to effectively meet the demands of such job assignments in the shortest possible time.


Our modular furniture, work stations, partitions and interiors have been particularly viable for jobs of this nature because of excellent space management and convenient relocation operations. Entire new layouts and work formations can be accomplished in a span of half an hour to meet the need for new demands. Our modular furniture are also dust resistant and this allows for minimum hygiene maintenance and it also allows for engineers to work in peace without the anxiety of dirt and dust adversely affecting sensitive electronic components that could lead to high and wasteful expenditures for duplication in manufacturing.